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Using your card

Where to use it?

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Who can accept the Companion Card?

Any organisation that charges an admission or participation fee can accept the Companion Card and admit companions at no charge. Some organisations have already formally registered to accept the Companion Card.

Participating organisations will usually display the distinctive Companion Card logo at the entrance of business premises or on their promotional and advertising material.

Companion card - Accepted Here

  • Some venues and events may not know about the Companion Card (or may not display the logo) but may still accept your card if you show it to them or tell them about it.
  • If you are not sure if a venue or activity accepts the Companion Card, check with them in advance. If they have not heard of the program, show them the back of your card. It lists a telephone number and web site that can provide further information.
  • By raising awareness in this way, many more organisations and industries will become aware of the legislation and will participate in the program.

Public Transport Victoria

The Companion Card can be used on all Victorian public transport services. Cardholders can have their companions travel without charge, on all train and tram services, and all metropolitan bus services, country trains, coach and town bus services. Visit Public Transport Victoria for more information on how to use your Companion Card on public transport, including should you need an additional companion.


Companion Card will continue to expand the range of organisations that will accept the card. We would like to thank our affiliates.

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