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Using your card


Companion Cards are valid for either five or ten years from the date they are issued. This renewal period is based on:

  • The physical life expectancy (wear and tear) of the card,
  • The requirement for photographs to be updated to remain reflective of the cardholder's appearance, and
  • The potential for change in the support requirements for some cardholders.

To ensure that your renewed Companion Card is issued to you before the expiry date, please keep your details up to date. You will be required to complete a Renewal Cardholder Application Form when you received your Renewal Notification letter 4 months prior to the expiration of your current card. If you have not received your Renewal Notification Letter, you can telephone the Companion Card Information Line on 1800 650 611 to request a Renewal Cardholder Application Form to be posted to you.

Companion Cards are only issued to people who have a significant and permanent disability and who are unable to participate at most community events without attendant care for the rest of their life.

All renewal applications are subject to review and only applicants who continue to meet the Companion Card eligibility criteria will be given a renewed Companion Card.

Forms with incomplete information or poor quality photos will be returned and may delay the renewal of your Companion Card.

Before returning your form, please ensure that you have completed the following:

  1. If your name has been changed, a copy of the appropriate certificate from the Victorian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages has been attached as proof.
  2. Your medical diagnosis has been specified.
  3. Your current attendant care needs, including mobility aids used, has been fully described or any applicable assessment results or reports have been attached.
  4. Your treating health professional has completed and signed the appropriate sections in Item 9.
  5. Two recent (not older than 6 months), coloured, passport quality photos (4.5cm x 3.5cm) are attached, with the cardholder's name clearly written on the back of each photo. Photos not complying with the size requirements (4.5cm x 3.5cm) will not be accepted. Renewal applications without the required photos or without correctly sized photos will be temporarily placed on hold. When we receive the required photos the application will be processed.

Companion Card - No Longer Required
If you no longer require the assistance of an attendant carer to access community activities and venues, please notify us in writing or contact Companion Card on 1800 650 611. If this is the case, your Companion Card will not be re-issued and you are not required to complete the Renewal Cardholder Application Form.