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Using your card

Appropriate use

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How to use your card

You must only use your Companion Card if you are unable to participate at a particular venue or event without attendant care support; not only for reassurance or social support. If you have previously attended an activity independently, this arrangement should continue.

The future success and expansion of the program is, in part, dependent upon the good will of both cardholders and affiliates. Attempts to use the Companion Card when a companion is not required is likely to impact on the willingness of industries to continue to participate in the program.

Both the Industry and the Cardholder handbooks outline full Terms and Conditions of Use of the Companion Card. Attempts to misuse the Companion Card can result in card cancellation and the individual may be excluded from re-applying.

  • The Companion Card has a robust application process that ensures the card reaches its intended target group.
  • The card design incorporates the same technology that is used to produce Australia's 'plastic banknote' offering advanced forgery protection.
  • Affiliated organisations will be able to use a range of security features to validate the card when it is used to book or purchase tickets.
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Your rights

If you have a complaint about the recognition of your Companion Card, or issues regarding access or unfair treatment at venues/activities, you should seek to resolve the issue with the venue/activity management in the first instance.

If you are not satisfied with the response from the venue/activity, you may like to obtain further information about your rights.