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Why affiliate?

"The Companion Card is an excellent way of meeting some of the obligations service providers have under the existing legislation."

Susan Halliday,
Acting Federal Disability Discrimination Commissioner 1999 - 2000,
Companion Card Venue Forum
Report, 6th December, 2000

The Companion Card has been developed as a tool to assist the business and community sectors to comply with existing disability anti-discrimination legislation.

The Companion Card is not a discount scheme, concession or benefit. Some of the benefits of affiliation are;

  • Affiliation will present a positive public image for your organisation.
  • You will be meeting your social responsibility by incorporating the human rights of people with a disability into your ticketing policies and practices.
  • You will have access to an additional, untapped target market.
  • The Companion Card, if adopted by a venue/event, provides evidence that the organisation has taken some steps to remove discriminatory policies or practices.
  • Becoming an affiliate is an easy way to help you prevent some complaints of discrimination being lodged against you with the Equal Opportunity Commission.
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"The Commission does consider information about what current industry practice is and it does also look at what best practice is in deciding whether a complaint has substance. So, for example if some venues or event managers were able to provide for the Companion Card this would be taken into consideration when deciding other complaints."

Dr. Diane Sisely, Chief Executive,
Equal Opportunity Commission Victoria
Companion Card Venue Forum Report
6th December, 2000