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Who should affiliate?

The disability anti-discrimination legislation, applies to all organisations regardless of their size, or the type of service provided. If you charge an admission or participation fee for your service, you should consider becoming an affiliate .

Victorian-based industries, including those with national operations or outlets, are eligible to become affiliates. The Companion Card program has been developed with an initial focus on recreation, leisure, social and cultural venues and events, but is open to participation by other industries.

Removing or reducing discrimination is a shared responsibility for which more than one party may be liable. It may, therefore, be beneficial for organisations to affiliate with the Companion Card even if they are not directly involved in issuing tickets or monitoring admissions, for example; venue owners or funding bodies.

"...it must be remembered that responsibility for removing or reducing discrimination is a shared responsibility. To effect this, complainants under the Equal Opportunity Act can lodge a complaint against two or more persons or legal entities if he or she believes that they are jointly responsible for the alleged discriminatory treatment..."
"For example if a complaint is made about lack of access to an event, the event promoter, the venue manager and the venue owner might all be named as respondents to a complaint and all might be individually and/or jointly liable."

Dr. Diane Sisely, Chief Executive,
Equal Opportunity Commission Victoria
Companion Card Venue Forum Report
6th December, 2000

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